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anyplacebuthere's Journal

7 October
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I don't really like these mini-biographies. Basically the question is, "What can you write about yourself here that will make people interested in reading more about your life?" And what can you really write to do so? Beats me. Probably you can write about sexual exploits and seriously perverse things, but if you want to hear about my sexual exploits you have to ask personally. Anyway, I'll just write the truth. I grew up in Philadelphia, my true home is Barcelona, and at the moment I'm living in a ridiculously mixed-up town outside of Philadelphia. I have an amazingly beautiful, happy, healthy and brilliant baby boy called Liam, who was made in Spain and is half-Dutch, half-American, so he's pretty international already. I plan to relocate eventually either back to Spain or maybe to somewhere else, it's a great big world and I want to show my son as much of it as I possibly can.
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