Gin (anyplacebuthere) wrote,

The joys of near-motherhood

I never write in this journal. I only logged on to check the date on something I wrote many many moons ago, but I may as well update. So in about a month I will become a mother. Never have I experienced something so exciting. I could sit for hours and just watch my baby move around my belly, and feel his little fingers and toes scrape the inside of my uterus, absolutely the wierdest feeling ever. It's just all so amazing, and quite honestly there's no real way to put it into words, no matter how much I'd like to. I don't think there are words that exist to describe what this whole experience feels like and more importantly what it means. It's like the whole world exists for the purpose of constantly creating new life, and I have this microcosm of that idea growing and developing inside of me. I feel the same way about motherhood in general--I mean, how many things out there can we really say are more important than raising another human being? I just can't wait to show my son the world.
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