Gin (anyplacebuthere) wrote,

To my faithful readers...

...whom I can count on one hand:

I leave for Spain on Thursday. I will come back, but only for about a month to get my work visa at the Spanish consulate in NYC and to tie up some loose financial ends. I'm excited, frightened, and nervous.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch--my family, without telling me, moved me out of my bedroom and into the basement. Granted, my father (who was against the idea of kicking his little girl out of her room) and I have found a way to actually make it nice and cozy. It's not the same, obviously, but it's not bad. I'll probably only be home for a short while when I return anyway. My brother has happily taken over my room, and I have to give it to him, it looks nice. Better than it's looked in awhile, admittedly.

But still, let's take a vote: WAS IT OKAY FOR MY FAMILY TO MOVE ME OUT OF MY ROOM WITHOUT TELLING ME? Please, comment.

Next on the agenda: my relationship with Marlowe. We will take time off from the relationship while I'm in Spain. I don't expect him to wait for me if I'm going to be gone for a long time, and I don't expect myself to be able to stay faithful in a very long-distance relationship for such a long time. I'm just being honest (with myself and with him, of course). We will take things one day at a time and see what happens. I don't want to plan anything because, no matter what I do, things won't go as planned. That's just how it works.

Well, maybe I'll write again before leaving, or maybe not. I'll have internet access in Barcelona anyway so it's not like I'm saying goodbye forever. If anybody expresses any interest in me writing while in Barcelona, I'll write while I'm there. It will definitely be more interesting than my life here, in any case. So please, if you think I should keep writing, just post a comment letting me know. I'm not going to go out of my way to write a journal entry in my free time there if nobody is even interested in what I have to say.

But, of course, anybody who wants to e-mail me personally about my experiences abroad can do so--I like getting e-mail, believe it or not: That's my first and middle names (Virginia Mary) and my age at the time I set up the account (22). Don't send nude photos unless you want my completely honest opinion on your body--and I mean brutal honesty, if that's what it takes. Then again, if you're a male between the ages of 18 and 35 and you have a body worth looking at, go right ahead--I won't complain.
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